Let us develop a lifestyle of giving and help the less fortunate whenever we can. It does not matter how small the act itself might seem, for Allah looks not at the act, but rather the INTENTION through which the act is done.

“I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

For us these lines have all together different meanings as we did not have the option of choosing between the roads, we rather had to construct one.

By the grace of Allah(swt) and the cooperation of humanitarian people, we could take up the task of connecting the interiors of the village by extending the road.

The road now is at 180 meters in lenght, which was just 5-6ft wide. The new width is 22ft, almost 4times than the old one.

This road will lead to better health, better education and better and smoother lives for many. This road may lead to better avenues for the future generations and make lives easier for those struggling in the disconected parts of the village. The far-reaching road will enable the ambulance to reach the sick and elderlyin distress.

Built Qabrastan (Graveyard) wall


Street lights Installation

Developing Pewe as a self reliant village. Installing street LED lights was a step towards this dream.

Road Widening

Various benefited with steps to make life smoother in Pewe

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