Our Vision:
To be the most admired community organization in the region for social activity.
Our Mission:
To reach every human life in need within the community and to every individual who wants to support the cause.

Give Donation

Let us develop a lifestyle of giving and help the less fortunate whenever we can. It does not matter how small the act itself might seem, for ALMIGHTY looks not at the act, but rather the INTENTION through which the act is done.


Give your Zakat

Your hard earned money is transformed into sawab-e-jariya as your charity is use to convey monthly wazeefa and medical aid for over 40 families in need.

Donate for masjid

Join hands with us for maintenance work of mosque situated in village Pewe, District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra State, India

Don't Try to live forever you can't ! But you can do things that will forever.

Glimpse of Pewe

Nature is not a place to visit, It is home.

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